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August 6, 2015

Location: Glendale Community College, Room SU-104ABC GCC is located at 6000 W. Olive Ave, Glendale.  Visitors should park in the South parking lot, near the Enrollment Center, and the SU (Student Union) is the building to the north of that.  Entrance to the Student Union is either on the southwest corner, or the north east side.  Parking should be ample, as faculty do not report back until the week following.  You may wish to mention its a big campus, and lots of parking all the way around, so if they don’t want to walk too far, they should park on the south-central side.


12:30 – 1:00 pm | Registration, Welcome, Announcements 

1:00 – 1:10 pm | Welcome and Announcements

1:10- 1:55 pm | Capitalizing on a Migration to Build Better Business Value – The Safeway Migration Experience – Evan Davies, Safeway Inc.

How can you use the migration process to bring improved business visibility into the enterprise reporting platform and help drive a broader business intelligence strategy? This seminar topic will review how the Safeway Enterprise Business Intelligence team put together a migration plan and implementation strategy that brought stability and productivity to the enterprise reporting platform and details the challenges faced and how they were resolved.

The session will last one hour and will focus on the migration from the 15 year old Crystal platform to the new Crystal Reports Server 2013 System. Essentially this will cover:

  • The analysis of the existing Crystal Enterprise 9 platform and the dependent infrastructure
  • The processes involved in conducting a detailed report analysis to determine migration priorities
  • The redefinition of the Crystal Platform to more closely match the Safeway business organization
  • Key migration decision points and how they were addressed

2:00- 2:45 pm | SAP Lumira – What’s in it? – Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.

Learn about how SAP Lumira is simple and fun to use. This session will provide an in-depth look at different analysis scenarios and deployment options for SAP Lumira. Topics including multiple data sources, massaging the data, building a Lumira story and sharing the data will be discussed. You will see a live demo of the points covered, and hear about the different features with SAP Lumira. The audience can understand how SAP Lumira integrates into existing BI4 landscape.

2:45- 3:00 pm | Break & Networking

3:00- 3:30 pm | A Discussion on SAP Web Intelligence 4.1 SP06 – Adam Lange, A. Lange Consulting LLC.

Support Package 6, the latest upgrade for SAP BI 4.1, was recently released in 2015. This new SP includes several exciting features for Web Intelligence, including free-hand SQL data sources, global input controls, multi-column selections, and more. This session will offer an overview of the new features in SP06, plus a discussion on caveats and best practices.

3:30- 4:00pm | Get Set, Go BI Mobile – Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.

In the ever-expanding mobile world, it is imperative to consider the most convenient way to view BI content on a mobile device. What are the steps required to build a mobile dashboard? How do I use my mobile device for agile visualization and reporting? Which is the best tool for a quick turnaround in mobile deployment? How does the new Design Studio help in creating native HTML5 dashboards for iOS devices without any hassle? How does Web Intelligence and SAP Lumira help in providing quicker and better visualization in the mobile space? This session will address all of the above questions in detail. A live demo to deploy mobile content using Xcelsius, Design Studio, WebI, SAP Lumira and SAP Crystal Reports will be demonstrated. The attendees can compare and contrast the different deployment options between the tools.

4:00 – 4:15 pm | Raffle & Prizes

  1. Yolande says:

    I just heard this at the meeting… Adam Lange: ” Did you know that Costa Rica is our biggest Pumpkin importer? … It’s true. I read it in the Vegetable and Melon Outlook.”

    I thought we were just going to learn about BI Migrations, Webi, Lumira and Mobile BI… but there exists a report called the “Vegetable and Melon Outlook” report…

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